The "Corners" highlight application specific implementations of IguanaSpace and IguanaWebWorks. Here you'll find information about the way IguanaSpace was applied, special tools that were developed and related papers and presentations.

Welcome to the Travel Models Corner

The Travel Models Corners highlights some specific tools and applications developed to support commercial travel demand modeling software. Specific tools have been created to assist modelers in scripting Tranplan, Minutp/TP+ and TransCAD based models. These scripts allow the modeler to use their software in the IguanaSpace desktop environment.

For each modeling package, special scripts have been written which allow reuse of existing package setup and control files in the IguanaSpace environment. These scripts "wrap around" your current procedures to let you access them from the menu. You can also add features like renaming files or reviewing what parameters are in use all as part of the submittal process. Standard scripts to do this are available for each vendor package.

Follow the link to TCDesktop, the TransCAD desktop, to learn more about how all these tools work and the features they provide.....or contact Iguana to ask about how they can be used with your models.