IguanaSpace - Detailed Description

IguanaSpace provides you with a flexible interface to your desktop tools and applications which can easily be customized for specific projects and tasks. The interface can be programmed by any user using simple tools directly within the IguanaSpace environment. The program provides a complete Windows style environment that can be easily customized to the user's specific needs. IguanaSpace includes:

A customizable menu system ...
A variable dictionary and editor...
User definable editing windows...
Flowchart style menus...
Scripting facilities and support for automating complex tasks...
Desktop help and integrated links to the world wide web...

IguanaSpace simplifies trying to work with different applications and interfaces. Most applications can be used within the common menu and parameter maintenance environment provided by IguanaSpace. IguanaScripts can be used to automate a set of procedures used with an application.

IguanaSpace includes a Task Management Engine(TME). IguanaSpace can either process requests and scripts itself or send them to the TME . The TME:

- schedules and sequences tasks;

- runs as a local background process;

- runs as a remote process;

- time/date stamps and logs the tasks run.

Since the TME and IguanaSpace run as separate processes, they support communication over networks, as well as, desktop operation. When used with IguanaWebWorks, the local TME processes all Iguana requests including those received via the web.

The chart below shows how IguanaSpace and the TME actually work and the relationships between different parts and functions.

Schematic of
Process Overview

Supported Platforms:

IguanaSpace is fully compatible with Windows 95/98 and Windows NT/2000. Please e-mail us to request information regarding support for UNIX systems.

License and Support Fees:

Licenses are issued on a per CPU basis. Select purchase order to view/submit a purchase order form with current fees for licensing and maintenance.


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