Iguana Software Support Program

Priority technical support is provided via the Iguana Software Support Program. In addition to standard technical support services, this program provides users with a convenient means of keeping software current and staying informed about product updates. The program offers the following features:

Priority Technical Service;
Access to free software updates and bug fixes via the download facility; and
Iguana E-News - technical bulletins, notification of updates and new releases via e-mail.

Iguana Software Support Program contracts are for one-year terms, with the following quarterly start dates:

January 1 April 1 July 1 October 1

The effective date for a given contract is typically the first of the above listed dates occuring after expiration of the 90-day warranty period. Up to five licenses (for the same product) are covered per support contract. Select purchase order to view a purchase order form with annual subscription fees for the Iguana Software Support Program.