Welcome to the online offices of Iguana Incorporated!

Iguana Inc. was founded in 1997 to provide tools to support better and more usable desktop interfaces for technical projects and applications. The goal was to create Windows based tools that users could adapt to their specific needs without programming. IguanaSpace, our core product, is designed to work with all kinds of software and applications while providing a common desktop environment that users can customize to meet their own needs.

The idea for IguanaSpace came from working with urban transportation planning applications and realizing that planners were spending more time and more effort making the software work than accomplishing the work they were supposed to be doing. This new type of software had the potential of both cutting down on the numbers of errors and other problems resulting from antiquated data and program management practices and also helping companies and agencies better utilize staff by eliminating a need for highly trained analysts to be the only model users.

Iguana is an Internet based company utilizing virtual space both to manage and coordinate our own activities and to support our users. The Web site includes the Iguana Software Support Program, which provides facilities for online downloading of evaluation copies of the software and of updated versions; as well as, convenient access to technical support for all of our products. We also utilize the Internet to provide online opportunities to try out and test our web based products. In the future, we will be making increasing use of the Web to "take the pulse" of the user community and ensure that our directions in terms of product development and focus are delivering the right tools and capabilities to industry.

Our products and software improvements will continue to be solidly based on Internet technologies and standards such as the Java language and Web browser compliant user interfaces. Iguana’s current products support linking to the Internet and browser based interfaces to allow users more flexibility in distributing both application support activities and the related databases.

In this spirit, Iguana views itself as a participant in an ongoing dialogue with its clients and contractors to develop an effective means to meet the current and foreseeable needs for project support. Our door is open and we are willing to share both the plans and projections of Iguana both through dialogue and informational postings.

To close, let me say that Iguana wants to be a useful partner in the software industry’s ongoing challenge of responding to both changing organizational needs and adoption of new technology. We hope to contribute our tools and capabilities to organizations which are looking for practical ways to make effective use of new developments in information technology. We look forward to working with you and to hearing your comments and suggestions regarding our policies and direction. Please e-mail us your input or questions.

Edward F. Granzow

April 2002