...extends IguanaSpace functions to web servers and browsers. With IguanaWebWorks, your applications can be run from your web browser remotely over the world wide web. A set of special functions and templates are added to the standard IguanaSpace configuration.

...dynamically publishes IguanaSpace menus and user panel editors. The same menus and custom editors defined for your IguanaSpace enabled application are used to generate custom web pages. Templates used to create these pages can also be modified to create your own look and feel.

...utilizes a standard web server interface. The IguanaSpace extensions all use industry standard forms and protocols to make it easy to "IguanaSpace enable" any web site.

...provides security for sensitive web information.

...supports multiple process queues and demand management.

...supports "round trip" process management. When files are downloaded from the server, tasks can be automatically executed on the local desktop. Flexible downloading allows special viewers and other programs to be included and automatically invoked when received.


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