IguanaWebWorks - Detailed Description

IguanaWebWorks dynamically publishes the regular IguanaSpace menus as World Wide Web pages. Selecting the functions on those pages and submitting them causes a set of commands to be sent to the remote Internet server. The server then notifies the server-resident Task Management Engine (TME - an IguanaSpace component).

The Iguana TME finds the correct script file and launches that script for execution on the server machine. At the conclusion of processing, control is returned to the TME which then performs any requested postprocessing tasks, including "packaging" the output files. Scripts and files can then be downloaded using the web browser. The script may request the file to be automatically "unpacked" and sent to appropriate viewing/editing tools.

The link between IguanaWebWorks and the web server is based upon Active Server Pages (ASP), a Microsoft standard scripting language for web applications. Templates for the web pages used by IguanaWebWorks are maintained on the server and published at the beginning of the user session. To allow support for multiple projects and databases on the server, WebWorks provides a series of startup pages that direct the user to the appropriate resources.

The standard Iguana web page templates provide for:

These pages make up the menus and menu support facilities of IguanaWebWorks.

WebWorks also provides the remote user with editing facilities through the defined custom editors (panels). These panels allow variables to be updated prior to task submission.

An index of available panels is displayed in the left frame of the main IguanaWebWorks window.

Clicking on a panel name opens a new window listing the current values of the identified variables for editing.

[Note: Variables defined in the server profile cannot be modified through the remote browser].

The link below provides a chart overviewing the design and structure of IguanaWebWorks. Clicking on any part of the chart will provide a brief description of that portion of the processing.

Schematic of
Process Overview

Supported Platforms:

IguanaWebWorks is fully compatible with Windows 95/98 and Windows NT/2000. Please e-mail us to request information regarding support for UNIX systems.

License and Support Fees:

Licenses are issued on a per CPU basis. Select purchase order to view/submit a purchase order form with current fees for licensing and maintenance.